Provide First Aid – Tuesday 10 April ’18

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Be prepared.

Learn all aspects of routine first aid, to a certificate standard. What’s covered: CPR for adults and infants, fractures, sprains, burns, control of bleeding, responding to heart attack, asthma, snakebites and exposure, and much more. All led by experienced district local Sonja Medcalf (Registered Training Organisation Parasol Ltd).

A First Aid Certificate is now considered mandatory for many jobs – but above all, it’s the knowledge of what to do when the worst happens.

Looking for re-certification? You can renew your current certificate by doing the same class without doing the preparatory first part, for a lower price.

Can you renew just your CPR component? Yes. Some jobs require annual renewal of the Provide CPR component of the First Aid course. We offer that option. You need to be there at the start of the class, and will be complete after about 3 hours, including your practical and theoretical test. (If you're doing the two evenings, you attend on the first evening.)

Note: Students without a current certificate are required to complete an on-line workbook prior to the commencement of the course. This takes the place of a day’s training and is best done with the help of your manual.

Students doing the re-certification do NOT need to do the workbook but must present their current certificate or wallet card.

Get your USI: All students of accredited courses in Australia now need to provide their Unique Student Identifier number or USI to the trainer in order to receive their certificate. This is free and can be done at this website:

When:  Tuesday 10 April 2018, 9am-3.30pm.

Where: Venue is still being organised - almost certainly somewhere in Dungog town.

Cost: Provide First Aid $165; Provide First Aid Re-certification $140; Provide CPR Re-certification $75.

Accreditation level: HLTAID300.

Rating: Be ready for trouble …

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