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Our mission

Training Under The Trees – developing affordable learning opportunities for the whole community, from Claro to Gresso, from Pato to Vacy, in Dungog Town and far beyond!

Our mission is to foster life-enriching learning opportunities that educate, engage, and enhance your work and life skills. We want to make you think, raise community well-being, promote physical and social activity, and increase connection across the shire.

Whether you want accredited training to improve your career prospects, activities that improve your health, or lifestyle courses that cater to your passions, the Dungog Community College is for you. And if there’s something more you want, tell us about it.

Contact details

Education Project Officers: John O’Brien and Jane Richens

Our office is at the Dungog Shire Community Centre, 103 Dowling Street, Dungog NSW 2420. (Next to the Dungog Museum.)

Phone 02 4992 1133; Fax 02 4992 1733


Postal Address

Dungog Community College
c/- Dungog Shire Community Centre
PO Box 109 Dungog  NSW  2420


The Dungog Community College is project of the Dungog Shire Community Centre

This is now required for any accredited course in Australia.

This is now required for any accredited course in Australia.

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