… tick, tick, BOOM!

… from Fizzics Education

A fun science show performance where we blow stuff up!
In the name of science of course 🙂

What better way to get folk into science than to do the stuff they want to see!

Originally designed to be run at the Powerhouse Museum, this large stage performance gets noisy as the Fizzics Team explores the science behind explosions and explains why chemical safety is so important. This is not just a series of tricks though, their experienced presenter will cover a multitude of concepts:

  • air pressure differentials.
  • exothermic vs endothermic chemical reactions.
  • the effect of surface area on reaction rates
  • combustion requirements.
  • properties of liquid nitrogen
  • applications of controlled explosions and more…

Designed to get all sorts of citizens excited by science or simply end the year with a BANG!

The Fizzics Education team brought us a fantastic show at last year’s Dungog Festival. Don’t miss this one.

When: Saturday 18 November, at 12 noon.

Where: Dungog High School MPC (Multi-Purpose Centre). Entry via Chichester Dam Rd – some parking in the school back carpark, more in the bus stop and on the street.

Cost: gold coin donation.

Who will this suit? Kids! Adults! You!

How long is the show? nearly an hour. Go out for lunch in town afterwards!

This is now required for any accredited course in Australia.

This is now required for any accredited course in Australia.

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