Build A Wood-fired Pizza Oven

…on a rammed earth base.

Get that pizza in (it was a McCain's pizza from the local supermarket, just to test it).

Learn the secrets of building a wood-fired oven just perfect for pizzas, bread and even roasts. You’ll be working with trainers Shane Hannan and Clare Tilyard. Get your hands dirty and get your brain firing with great ideas for your own oven.

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Back in July, our Rammed Earth Works class put in a rammed earth base.

Now on Saturday 7 October you’ll form the mould, build the oven and set the door. And on Sunday 8 October you’ll put in the insulating blanket and do the first layer of render.

You’ll also find all about rendering, decorating, providing finishing touches, and firing it up.

Rating: Wood-fired pizzas – what can we say? – hours of cooking fun for your whole household …

When: Saturday 7 October 2017, 9am-12.30pm and Sunday 8 October 9am-12.30pm.

Where: Location in Dungog town – you’ll be given details when you book.

Cost: $125, concession $105.

To Book, Click Here.


Traditional Bread Baking Sunday 11 September 2016
Barista accredited course
This is now required for any accredited course in Australia.

This is now required for any accredited course in Australia.

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