Talking critters

Talking Critters - mozzies & ticks!Talking Critters is a couple of talks about mozzies and ticks.

First up Dr Cameron Webb of the University of Sydney and Westmead Hospital will look at “Beating the bite of mosquitoes that spread Ross River virus”. What sort of mozzies spread the virus? What are the links between local wetlands, wildlife and climate change for future outbreaks? Webb, who’s written much on mosquitoes including an excellent guide to mozzie repellents, will give tips for their safe and effective use and tricks to stop the critters breeding in our backyards.

Ticks will be covered by local vet Digby Rayward. He’ll focus on a new strain of Theileria affecting cattle but he’ll also be answering some of the questions he hears every day in his job about these rascals.

Bring a critter story. We’d love to hear a short (2-3 minute) yarn about a creepy-crawly, especially if it has some scientific interest. Like the one about waking up with a tick behind your eye. Or the time you saw a python trying to eat a bat twice its size and decided to investigate how large a prey a python can swallow.

Cost: FREE!! (There will be a gold coin donation box though.)

When: Wednesday 12 April 2017, 7.00-8.30pm.

Where: Dungog CWA hall, Dowling St (next to Chillbillies), Dungog.

Enquiries: try Contact Us above.

This is now required for any accredited course in Australia.

This is now required for any accredited course in Australia.

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