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Dungog Shire Events Inc Traffic Controller Course – October 2016

The aim of the course is to give local volunteers the skills and qualification to undertake traffic control duties at local community events such as the Dungog Festival, the Gresford Billy Cart Derby, local street parades etc.

The course is being subsidised by Dungog Shire Events Inc. Volunteers or their organisations only need to pay 30% of the cost of doing the course upfront. However, the agreement is that once people have completed the course, if they volunteer for traffic control duties at three local community events they will have that cost reimbursed by Dungog Shire Events. The Registered Training Organisation providing the course is Admire Workplace Training, RTO #91330.

Here are the steps that participants in the course need to follow:

Step 1 – enrol in the course

Put your name down for the Traffic Controller course. You can be sponsored by a local community group (e.g. Dungog Festival, Gresford Billy Cart Derby), or can pay for the course yourself. To book, please contact Ivan Skaines at or 4995 7777. He will need your phone number and email address.

The full cost of the course is $350, however with the 70% discount, your initial payment will be $105, not including the White Card cost.

Step 2 – complete a White Card online – and get your USI number

A prerequisite to the Traffic Control course is the White Card, which can currently be completed online. This is not included in the cost of the Traffic Control course and can cost anything from $40 up. A White Card (CIC or general construction induction card) is required for workers who want to carry out construction work, including people who are doing traffic control at construction sites, events etc. You can google White Card online courses. We recommend you complete the White Card as soon as possible. It take 2 or 3 hours online.

NB NSW does not offer on-line White Card but for the moment they do accept a White Card studied on-line from another state.

Prior to starting the online course participants will need to obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number if they don’t have one already. A USI is a unique number that is allocated to anyone studying nationally recognised Vocational Educational Training (VET) in Australia. You will also need it for the Traffic Control course. Apply for your USI at – it’s quick and it’s free.

Step 3 – Day 1 of the Course – Monday 17 October – 8.30am-3.30pm (tbc)

The first day will be conducted at the SES Building in Dungog. Please bring some form of photo identification (drivers licence, passport, seniors card etc), your USI number, and evidence that you have completed the White Card. There will be theory and practical components to the day. Please bring a pen, wear comfortable clothes (including hat and maybe sunblock), and closed-in shoes. Lunch and morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Step 4 – Day 2 of the Course – Friday 21 October

The second day is a practical assessment on-site at a location in or near Dungog. There will be 3 assessment sites used. Again, you will need to bring a pen, wear comfortable clothes (including hat and maybe sunblock), and closed-in shoes. You will also need to bring lunch, water and other refreshments.

Students deemed competent by the end of the day will be legally qualified to undertake traffic control duties, though the actual certificate will take some time to receive.

Step 5 – after the course

Your qualification will be mailed to you about 2 weeks after completion of the course. Once you have volunteered for traffic control duties at 3 local community events the 30% cost that either you or your community group paid upfront will be reimbursed by Dungog Shire Events. This qualification is valid for 3 years. It’s also useful for employment if you are looking for paid work on construction sites, roadworks etc.

This is now required for any accredited course in Australia.

This is now required for any accredited course in Australia.

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